Sunday, 17 October 2010


Hello Guys!
So luckily,I found these two pictures of the style which is a hot cake right now.I love them a lot and they both make a bold statement.

In first picture, I love everything about the look (high-waisted skirt,paired with a thick cable knit sweater, tucked in and rolled at the sleeves)She looks casual with them thick wedges .But More importantly is the  colour purple which is one of my favourite.It  is too majestic and deep.

The picture below wows as well, high waisted skirt or ankle skimming skirts with a belt and a white top.I love black as well,by the way who can live without some black clothes? Black is so classic and elegance and it attracts person attention without screaming for! I  it.
Zara in Skirts and Forever 21 in Heels / Wedges

Zara in Jackets, Sam Edelman in Heels / Wedges and Michael Kors in Watches


Ralph Lauren in Cardigans, Massimo Dutti in Skirts and Guy Laroche in BagsZara in Blazers, Zara in Scarves / Echarpes and Massimo Dutti in BagsMARIA LUISA LOZANO in Dresses, Sfera in Cardigans and Christian Louboutin in Heels / WedgesManoush in Blazers, Zara in T Shirts and Bimba & Lola in BeltsGOLD by Giles for New Look in Dresses, Zara in Heels / Wedges and Zara in BagsMassimo Dutti in Blazers, Mango in Jewelry and Marypaz in Heels / WedgesWestrags in Dresses, Zara in Sandals and patricia nicolás in NecklacesZara in Pants, H&M  in T Shirts and Pull & Bear in Bags

Saturday, 16 October 2010


Hello Guys,
Well,I was so heated to know 'why our society identify people's age, sex, attitude, importance, occupation,Education,economic or marital status and etc simply by looking on things they wear?
So, corresponding to that, I had to do some little research on the particular subject.I came to realise there was Fashion and style Language  since back then.The language that many societies in the world from most primitive to more sophisticated,use it on  clothing and ornaments to communicate social and personal Information.But How?  their facial expression or body gestures in general can tell it all.
 However, its occasionally uncool  cause you  can sometimes mistakenly about kind of people they are.For example Mlalahoi(Poor Person) can wear the only suit he got  in a certain function and people may thought the person worth million bucks while he got nothing and likewise.This will automatically convey a wrong impression to that person however the conveyed information about the person can be  false or true respectively.
Nowadays,I find this too intimidating because you can see people wear most  designers  expensive stuffs like Gucci,Prada,Couture,Versace,Chanel and the list goes on, just for showing off while if you investigate their real life they don't even have life really.I got bothered  and asking myself  that why trying so hard to hide our  identity or originality or characteristics on what we  pretend to wear.I know fashion reflect our personalities not by Lies but by being real.You know what,Personally what I call fashion is What You Can Afford and Style is by how you work your wardrobe.
Anyway, As said above The language of fashion was there since the ancient days and applied to all societies in the world.Hence, I will go through Tradition messages on clothing communicated since then However there some others seem to change to both men and women.But by 20's century it was as follows.
1:MASCULINITY-Trousers,Ties,Brad shoulder and etc
2: FEMININITY-Skirts,Low necklines, Defined waists and delicate fabrics
3:SEXUAL MATURITY-High Heels, Tight clothing, Transparent or shiny fabrics
4:IMMATURITY- Shapeless, Loose clothes, Childish prints,bright colours
5:DOMINANCE-Uniforms,uncomfortable clothes etc
6:INTELLIGENCE-Reading glasses,Blue or dark stockings, Briefcase 
Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit
7:REBELLION-Extreme clothing and hairstyles, tattoos, piercing, unusual shoes
8:OCCUPATION-Uniforms, suits,wearing tools or  trade accessories
9:ORIGIN-Indicated by Village/town or country clothes
10:WEALTH-Gold jewellery,clean or new clothes,perfect fit, identifiable fashion labels,fur, perfume
11:AGE-adherence to the past style
12:HEALTH-Casual or sporty clothing and logos,revealing cut,trainers and etc.