Wednesday, 28 April 2010



These are fabulous  long flowing dresses.They are comfortable and flattering, allowing you to look sexy and feminine without living in fear afraid of accidentally showing your underwear.They are very popular and never go out of the fashion especially for summer.They are simply lovely to wear because it makes you feel good and the fabric is so light .Anyone can wear them and even for people with curves,chicken legs or unshaved legs can still wear I mean they are long and  of different color and type so there is something for everyone.


*The dress should not be too looooong , its good if it just hit below the ankle but if you got strength to hold it everywhere its up to you.!!!
*Buy at least one or two dresses that you can easily mix and match to create different looks. You can wear them to the beach and  other normal occasions!
*Try to wear with a stylish belt  around ya waist because long dress and belt are good buddies and definitely add that look.!!
*Buy a dress which is proportion to your figure for example curves people can try to look for a dress with little bit of shape around the waist otherwise wrong choice will make you look boxy and bigger.
*You can go for different colors like green,yellow, blue and etc
*Dresses look best with flat sandals or gladiators

Tipsy Gipsy Long Summer Dress Accessorize Orchids Clip-ons Hair Accessories Dubai Outlet Mall Boho Bag Brown Boots Forever 21 Knit Double Layer Brown Belt Steve Madden Espadrille Wedges Black Shoes For Love 21 Gold Glassescathe2031326695_prod_medium_v1_m56577569831711960._SX201_DressesFINAL
Kate Hudson, Kristen Bell, and Carrie Underwood looking sexy in thier summer dresses

Tuesday, 27 April 2010



If you haven't bought one yet ,whats stopping you?.
Its a combine of dress with the comfort of trouser..Its one of my favourite and always real look chilly when i put it.I got blue and short silk one..but im in love with a blue one which i match with red belt and red heels or sometimes with black shoes and belt or white shoes and white belt...
=> Short Jumpsuit look great with flat
=>Long Jumpsuit are essentials with heels
NOTE:sometimes its according to a person choice.
=>Curves ladies can wear it with a waist cinching belt..same apply to skinny people.
.This outfit is more suitable in summer time..
so you go and get one !!. Yay!!

There are Jumpsuits for MEN as well which are balanced with flat sandals or shoes..
But  men don't wear them mostly  i suppose.

Forever 21 Jumpsuit


jumpsuit 2Rihanna Jumpsuit  party gown Asos Jersey Bandeau jumpsuit £32
Maternity JumpsuitIt’s beautiful and stylish and comfortable for pregnant women as well

Monday, 26 April 2010


Y’all doing alright?

One of my friend wrote on his Facebook wall, approximate fourmonths ago asking about  the fabulouscolour for his Wedding.I spotted that facebookers were commenting on colors I never imagine they real exist in the trueWorld (I hope to learn more about this).So I thought why shouldn’t I publishsomething about different colors for wedding , so that you can serve your selfor help somebody who is about to marry or to be married.

Havingspecific wedding colors can help to give a visual harmony, and help your weddingseem more elegant, and even more expensive than it really is. Choosing yourwedding colors may seem a bit intimidating, especially if you aren’tparticularly visually oriented or your partner is color-blind and absolutely nohelp. Hallo Its easy don’t give up!!.

You can support yourwedding colors on a favorite favorite flower or colour of anything you like.Alsoyou can ask yourself questions like what flower would have for my wedding,youcan ask about bridemaid dresses ,what is the color of cemenony venue andothers
If you still in dillemmatry by thinking about the season when your ceremony will take place.Spring andsummer seasons usually include bright colours or pastels,Winter suggest deeppurples,grey-greens and silvers.Fall brings harvest nature so you can go fororanges,reds and yellow.


·        Too much black - it canend up looking like a funeral, rather than a wedding. So if you are in lovewith black try to balance with bright colour and lots of white.
·        Losing your personality –wear the color normally in your clothing  or decorate at home and don’t pick for thecolor you are not comfortable with.
·         Picking too many wedding colors - two or threeare perfect, but any more than three wedding colors will end up lookingdisgusting and strange.

Its gray today..


This color is my favorite for weddings.Gray may seem a little onthe uninteresting side of the color wheel to other people, but being a neutral,it lends itself beautifully to nearly every other color.  It can becombined with just about any shade you can think of, from soft pastels tomore saturated, darker colors.  It creates a wonderfully  elegant  andchic look for any wedding.

Ifthe color gray still leaves you a little unexciting, you may prefer something alittle more eye-catching like  Silver. This sparkly version of gray reallyadds the sophistication that many brides are looking for and it can still bepartnered with most every color.  The beauty of silver is that is alsoworks great as a solo color, incorporating only the white of the bride’swedding gown

I will be posting about wedding colours timeafter time..
Until next time…Enjoy.
Gray Wedding Color Trend

Gray and Green
mens-suits-01.jpg Men's Gray Suit image by Lola_S

Weddings And The City Kristin Vining

Weddings And The City Kristin Vining
Weddings And The City Kristin Vining
Weddings And The City Kristin Vining
Gray and purple....
gray yellow dress flowers wedding Wedding Color Trend: Gray & Yellowgray-and-yellow-eco-friendly-wedding-garters-juliane-smith-style-402

Gray and yellow
DidiandRicky.jpg orange wedding image by bw101403

Gray and Orange..
Cobalt Blue, Yellow and...
Gray and Blue

Thursday, 22 April 2010



Hello Sweethearts.

I know!As sooner as we throw on our winter coats and all kind of winter wear, we also dig out summer outfit/wear.
Sunshine yay!,Sunshine grew!
Sunshine its magic rays on me and you
Sunshine gives light, sunshine  its brilliant★                
Not a shade side in our sight

Sweet sunshine Spirit of our being
What a great feeling,I wish to kiss you sunshine★           
Thanks for coming,along with sweet rays of love
Oh sunshine, Iam mad in love with you...
My name means Star keep on shining on me..

.Everbody wants to shine shine,
But when the sun shines in our eyes.
.We need to sat the shadows.
.We need the sunnies.

Before I even get on more how much I am loving the sunshine I just  got tell you about sunglasses.Since the 1940s sunglasses have became popular as a fashion accessory on beach but nowadays  people wear them during outdoor activities.Why you should wear sunglasses?

Beside of providing style,Quality sunglasses do much more:
1:Protect your eyes from harmful Ultraviolet (UV) radiation which can cause wrinkles and premature aging.
2:Reduce Glare to all surfaces that reflect water such as water,snow etc.Reflective glare is particular dangerous when driving,riding,skiing, boating & etc
3:Protect the eyes from wind,dust or any debris
4:Reduce headache and Eyestrain
5:Improve vision
Malaika Pearl and friends..

Choosing sunglasses: could be easy if you know about various types of sunglasses. Some people wear them as they seek comfort.

Variety of Shades..xx

James,Joe with friends
James and Joe with good shades.

ya permitted to match as
Paris Hilton’s Sunglasses Cost As Much As A BMW. Ew.

This is the lately news of Friday 26, march 2010.Man i love glasses but others love more likely that  chick above spent $65,000 (insane init?) on only one pair of sunnies  just because its made up of diamond which roughly is the same as a luxury Sport Car..All she wanted is protect herself from sun. Money its not a big deal for her..Dear God ,She had  absolutely not  lose them !
So why don't you get one in this  summer? from £2 and  there of variety types like butterfly sunglasses or any..Go and Get em Sunnies!!!!!!!......

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