Thursday, 8 April 2010


Hello folks...
I know most of people are working,or very soon to graduate  or searching for an employment.
Today i will go over what to put on to an interview or at the business area!You need to dress up for Success in terms  of Job interview and more job promotion at working place.
Its stupid to have a brilliant CV with all kind of items needed and extra nevertheless your Outfit look like its has been taken from the mouth of a cow..Yeah Your resume should reflect what you wear during an interview.If am an interviewer and u come that way man i wont even interview you because its ridiculous even if you got PHD. 
You know what buddies.!!First Impression is very Important  either from verbal or non verbal signs.
Your  well appearance  at interview or work will definitely conquer  the manager mind and hence lead to a greater chance of being hired.Many recruiter wont only check how you talk but mostly he will keep an eye on your outfit and pretend that he/she is listening you the following should be observed:
!prepare what to wear to your interview or work
!If your are going to start a job for the first time, try to talk to current employees who are working there on what kind of outfit are more preferable.
!!You should wear according to job code or type while other interview and job specify what to wear..note .there are 3 ways to dress

1:Professional dress-such as accounting,finance, Law or any conservative industry. Outfits include Business suit,or a dress with a jacket not forgetting tie for a man and handbag/briefcase. 

  • 2:Business Casual.such as Advertising,Music and etc this is more relaxed version of above dress.basically, a shirt with a collar or sweater,dress pants, knee length dress or skirt and beautiful low heels shoes for women and for men is a shirt with collar, sweater,dress pants and shoes.No tie required:

3:Causal attire- on this you can wear anything such as snickers,jeans and etc
hehe the man on the left...
* If you’re going to be working with clothes, you need to show the people hiring you that you know how to dress well!
and make sure clothes are clean,pressed,wrinkle free and without holes

Hair & Accessories & Makeup
.be careful with your make up this especially for receptionist jaman sometimes its funny and tend to look awful and akiweka na pause zake khah.!!!shame make sure u never exceed your make up and even accessories as i explained on previous note. for example dont wear large hoops or dangling earings.just wear small stubs or pearl earing and don't do smoky eye  makeup too.Avoid long nail and use nail polish 
Try to look as polished as possible and your hair should be clean and simple style and minimal perfume 

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