Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Its not fair for parents who dress themselves well while their kids look like trash.If you can afford buying yourself a nice expensive dress or suit  why not your children.Please don't neglect them as they deserve to look good just as you. For  parents who do dress those angels well keep it up .x

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I'm totally over the moon today and i feel like jumping around because I passed my Exams.I real thank God for that  after all  prayers,sleepless nights and hard work,I finally made it yay!To God be the glory for sure.x
Well about socks and sandals, I have to rethink about this new trend .I'm not trend somebody  and I think If you are, you could probably have blown me down with VUVUZELA when i say i completely hate this trend haha lols.Personally, I find it very awkward and funny.I mean those high socks with open heels , I'm not quite sure.seriously,just like men with socks and sandals.
 would you try high socks with heels?
1st picture -Big Noooo for me!
2nd picture-I better be a sunday school kid like Rihanna  with short socks and normal covered shoes than the first
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Would you wear socks and sandals?

Monday, 28 June 2010


Thoroughly I enjoyed reading this novel!Its about two different people (Sasha and   Liam) of different characters and Age, trying to work things out.Liam is considered here as a wacky artist who doesn't want 
Sasha to control him while  Sasha is a mature woman who doesn't want him to ruin her reputation.So, this struggle of Liam to become what Sasha needs him to be  makes relationship IM-POSSIBLE .I'm loving the end part of it, besides of their relationship being on and off due to different circumstances they still made it..I was reading the other novel, pretty boring  I tell you .I dumped it instantly when i snapped on Impossible by Danielle.My heart couldn't resist reading it  since it was nice one and on top of that I'm super  fan of Danielle Steel novels!
This famous author started writing  since she was a kid and she studied literature design and fashion design.So, she is good in fashion too.IMPOSSIBLE was published in  year 2005 kinda old is it? and I never had a  chance to read it however i have read bundle of her novels like Toxic bachelor,Mirror Image, Safe Harbor, The House,Sunset in St Tropez,Lone Eagle and etc,and  also it was  very cheap buying it here. 
Guys I suppose everyone got talent out there but the question come "why you  don't like to show off your talent or work on it"?You are passionate about something, I mean something you love to do or hobby then don't sit there and expect someone to hand it to you.No!, put your heart and soul on it and  go for it.
Sometimes It may happens that you have got many ideas or passion in different things, what you can do is, write them down and give a try one ideas after another .If  the passionate doesn't fade away and stays for a long time within you and you can't  just quit then carry on ,cause it might turn out to be your Career Yippeekie Yay!:-).Also, don't give up so quick since Success doesn't come that easy you know.x
book cover of Impossible byDanielle Steel
(L-R) Gaia Repossi, Danielle Steel and Marie-Agnes Gillot arrive at Chanel during Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture A/W 2009/10 at Grand Palais on July 7, 2009 in Paris, France.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Friday, 25 June 2010


Honestly, this man was extraordinary talented being that I will always admire.His contribution in music and fashion industry is absolutely phenomena.I grew up hearing his songs and my young bro who is only 5 years old  is mad in love with him.He can imitate his moves  and sing just like But who to be compared with ? positively None.I know some people are still sad about his death  but  instead of mourning  its time to celebrate on what he did when he was alive . Particularly in fashion Industry, this man made a huge impact not only to the trend setters of today but also the whole society in the world.Rest in peace  M.J and  you will always be remembered. x
See pictures below -Military jackets,Shades,Gloves and etc.M icon Michael Jackson (Billie Jean / History Tour) (Fashion Doll) Item picture1
Michael Jackson JacketMichael Jackson Sunglasses
ColdplayMeagan Good Vanessa Simmons FedoraRihanna, Michael Jacksonriomjdress1


Lets try it again!Shall we?.I suppose lots of people were waiting for this day to was on Wednesday at Heathrow Airport in London  she lost her balance and fell down.Oh Poor thing My lady Gaga another time you should be selective on what to wear Ok?Thank you  very much!Tadaa


You know it surprises me to find that so few women are leaders in both firms and government.I observed that and the fact is you can school with more number of  women than men but still there is lacking in women leadership.Why?!
However ,I believe  everyone is a leader, either you are Stella or Shabaan  you can still fit to be in leader position!.It doesn't necessary mean that you need to be voted or something.No! just by leading yourself "You are a leader" and by starting from there you can lead others later on (If you want to) but start with yourself. So, if you are agreeing with me I'm sure you won't just sit there letting crises to develop, you will definitely identify problems and solve ASAP;You have dreams and passions, I'm 100% sure you will provide visions/directions for them;You will share your dream(when time is right) and make it to become reality:You will even inspire others through examples and people will admire and put their trust in you .Leaders are there to make a CHANGE and make our World better.See SHY-ROSE contribution in our society, who will hesitate to vote for her?.Know what your are working towards and take the responsibility of your career and dreams as no one will invest in your SUCCESS than you.Yes You!
All i can say there is something about this woman a.k.a Balozi wa Jamii, makes me wanna be  SOMEBODY and not NOBODY seriously, cause if you wanna become somebody or a leader you need to be a leader of YOURSELF first, Act and think BIG as a leader ,work more harder than others , don't downgrade yourself and believe that you can achieve fully with no doubt whatsoever!
Shy-rose is so social , pretty stylist  and a great  aspiring politician to be .I would like to congratulate for her good work in the society and keep going as you will definitely reach your 2010 Dream!x