Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Shafnie is my classmate and also a  good friend of mine.Lots of people celebrated Eid Mubarak on friday, enjoyed gifts and exchanged greetings .Shafnie was among them.All seven batiks dresses you see below were made by her mother particular for that blessed festival.According to Shafnie, her mother has been tailoring since she was 16.Not for the means of making money but It was and still it is for fun and leisure. However she can spend the whole day doing what she is enjoying to do..The dresses are traditional costumes and made of batik silk which is known as 'Baju Kurung'(Is made loose from the body). Furthermore, her mother doesn't only make 'Baju Karung' but also 'Baju Karung  Malaysia' which made fit and shapely according to they body and it got zip behind the dress.Regardless to the price of the batiks at their home country, the colours doesn't fade away easily though it is designed and drawn by hands/ manually.I was so fascinated when I saw the pictures and I really wanted to know the history behind it.So,as a result Shefnie was able to offer me with information and pictures as well.:-)
 1st picture -Below is her mother's favourite batik material before she makes it into'Baju Kurung'
2nd picture-Her mother cutting material carefully.
3rd picture her mama and papa in batik

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